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Celebrating small steps

„Talking about what worked also allowed us to celebrate what we had already achieved. We had some rituals for celebrating our small steps. One of our favorite ways to celebrate our small steps was, taking a coffee break dedicated to talking about our successes and sharing what we noticed that the other person recently did to bring our journey alive. We also enjoyed celebrating every small step (even the smallest one) with a high-five, taking five minutes in the evening to thank each other for what we did today, hugging each other, or sending each other short text messages with what we got done and cheering each other by answering joyfully with a thumb up-, heart-, celebration-emoji or some joyful words. – Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat


Take a few minutes today and notice what in the course of the past days already went in the direction you wished for. Take your list from December 21, where you discovered useful changes that went in the right direction and add 5-10 more details.

How could you celebrate your successes today? Whom could you tell about it? What difference does it make for you, when you pause to notice your successes and to celebrate them?


Today’s challenge is inspired by our blog article “10 ingredients that helped us bringing our dream alive“. In this article we describe how we focused our dream and brought it alive with Solution Focused ideas. And who knows, maybe you’ll also find some inspiration for making your dreams, best hopes and preferred future come true. And of course we are excited if you celebrate your successes with us and let us know, what works for you! 🙂


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