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Sink into the joy!

“In buddhism all you know is that everything changes. So, I figured I might as well grow the good moments. I have them. So really sinking into them and experiencing them fully, is my first step.” – Anja Knox 


Sink into the joy! Notice and really celebrate your moments of love and joy, of the good feelings, by experiencing them fully with all your senses.


Anja Knox invited us to this challenge in episode 33 “Surfing the waves: Sink into the joy” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. Anja is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and a passionate river surf(h)er. Elfie and Anja met in November 2017 in Colorado, where they did the Wim Hof method certification program together. In May we visited Anja in Canmore, at the edge of Banff National Park. Anja excites us with her joy, professionalism, her free spirit, warmth and wonderful Humor. Anja’s joy for life, her power and happiness are contagious, and where she is she brings a big portion of sunshine, joy and laughter together with depth, connection and love.

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 34:52.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!