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Doing your best

“We said: We know that you are one of the most negative voices for the project and we realized that we need to listen to you. Would you accept to take some time with us? So, we can really understand what you’re looking for, what is your vision, so we could develop a shared vision.” – Brigitte Lavoie


Pick someone that is difficult for you to deal with and take 5-10 minutes to imagine that this person is doing his/her best, that the person has something that you can admire. Imagine it’s your favorite client, your favorite person. What is it that touches your heart with that person? And enter the room with that person and see what differences it makes.


Brigitte Lavoie invited us to this challenge in episode 25 “Seeing Opportunities – Pull the Golden Ribbon” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. After meeting Brigitte at the EBTA conference in Vienna in 2015 and at the SFWorld-conference in Germany in September 2017, we visited her in Montreal in November 2017 on our way to pick up our RV in Halifax and again this Summer on our Canada coast to coast tour. We had such a lovely and fun time together with her and enjoyed getting to know Montreal through her eyes. Birgitte has done such amazing SF work and we admire her humble and yet very determined way of spreading SF a.o. in her French community. Brigitte also co-facilitated Elfie’s Birthday project “Hope and Reasons for Living” together with Heather Fiske and she is the host of next year’s SFBTA conference in Montreal.

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 28:15.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!