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The power of small things

“I’m really a believer in small things and how powerful small things can be.” – Stephen Langer


Do at least one kind thing this week for your partner or a loved one that this person is likely to remember a month later. And the challenge is that it does not cost money or is no more than 5 dollars.


Stephen Langer invited us to this challenge in episode 9 “Persistent in being curious” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. We met Stephen and his partner Kathy in April and spent lovely and heart touching days with them in their house in Olympia, Washington. They are both such wonderful hosts that it was hard for us to leave. Dominik and Stephen a.o. talked about the connection between Wittgenstein and Solution Focus the whole night and Elfie and Kathy had a wonderful day with 5rhythms dancing and great conversations. Stephen’s immense experience with Solution Focus and his stories of the last 30-35 years were invaluable and contributed to our current understanding of Solution Focus very much. We met both of them at the SFBTA conference in Boulder, Colorado, in November again and can’t wait to hopefully see them again before we leave North America next March.

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 27:59.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!