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FROG – Forever Recognize Your and Others’ Greatness

“It’s truly practicing what we preach not just with other people, but with our loved ones. And our loved ones start with loving ourself.” – Brenda Zalter-Minden


Step 1: Come up with at least 10 things that you really admire about yourself and write those things down.

Step 2: Get 5 small things (5 little frogs, 5 pennies, etc.) and put them in one pocket at the beginning of the day as a reminder that there have to be at least 5 people during the day that you pay a really genuine compliment to or ask an indirect compliment kind of question. That by the end of the day you either handed out the five frogs or have the 5 pennies in your other pocket.


This challenge was given to us by Brenda Zalter-Minden in episode 20 “Forever Recognize Other’s Greatness” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 29:24.

We met Brenda and her wonderful husband in July at their cottage close to Toronto. Bibi adopted them as their grandparents, we recorded our podcast in the tree house, went water skiing, had a lovely campfire, did yoga and Wim Hof Method breathing together… we simply spent a wonderful and unforgettable time together. Brenda really builds this bridge from clinical SF work to organisational SF work. She’s an amazing trainer, facilitator, speaker, host, and a wonderful friend. At this year’s SFBTA conference Brenda received the Insoo Kim Berg Memorial Award for her significant contributions to Solution Focused training. If you want to learn more about her outstanding work as a trainer listen to episode 37 “Training Solution Focus” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast, which is all about the train-the-trainer pre-conference workshop that she conducted together with the wonderful Heather Fiske at the SFBTA conference in Boulder.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!