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With a focus on successes into the weekend

“Such a week entails incredibly much and my experience is, that at the end of the week the focus often is on things that went wrong. Through a meeting where we drink a coffee and highlight together only the successful experiences in a very relaxed way, that also brings a different energy for the weekend.” – Thomas Fehr


Today, invite your co-workers, colleagues, employees and/or family members to a joint exchange. Take turns and find answers to the following questions: What went particularly well this week? And what of that do you want to continue in the course of the next week?


This challenge is inspired by Thomas Fehr. In the course of our ONLINE FESTIVAL for Solution Focused Leadership (in German language) we conversed with him about his work as a leader of a central authority in Germany. Every Friday Thomas meets with his closest employees and for approximately half an hour they exchange what went well in the course of the week. Thomas is a dear friend and long-term companion, whom we very much appreciate as a partner for reflections. He inspires and impresses us again and again with his professional work, his effective clarity, his way of keep going in a very structured-analytical environment and his highly appreciate fashion.

Here you can find further information about the ONLINE FESTIVAL. Trailerschau 3, video 6 “Ein klarer Rahmen: Über’s Dranbleiben im Alltag als Führungskraft.” shows the trailer where Thomas explains the way he and his team conduct this interaction.

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