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Let’s play

“I think it’s so important to use what’s right in front of you. That concept of utilisation is extremely important, I think in all of our conversations, in our lives to notice what’s there.” – Pamela King


Notice at least once today the opportunities to play and step in: Do jump in with both feet and play at least once today and tomorrow.  🥳


Pamely King invited us and our listeners to this playful challenge in episode 8 “Let’s play …” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast.

We met Pam in Frankfurt at the SF World Conference 2017 and are in contact ever since. We delightfully spent our Easter Holidays with her and her husband in Utah. Bibiana had a blast collecting freshly laid eggs from their chickens, hunting Easter treasures in their beautiful garden, and showing us how to ski on Beaver Mountain, where we also went for an Easter Egg hunt and observed skiers of all levels becoming wet at the super funny pond skim 🙂 In summer we met again in Toronto at the Train the Trainer Brieffest of Haesun Moon’s & Bo Yon Koh’s Canadian Center for Brief Coaching, where we also explored the Niagara Falls and spent a wonderful evening at the Second City improv theatre. In November we had the great pleasure to see her again in Boulder, Colorado, at the SFBTA conference. And we even had the honor to give a radio interview on Utah Public Radio together with Pam!

Pam’s playful energy, her gentle and joyful way of connecting people with each other, the way she invites others in a land of possibilities and opportunities, and also the way she invites people to play and to co-create with her, are simply stunning and beautiful. She keeps inspiring us with her great Solution Focused work and being. And if you have not yet done: Check out her book “Tools for Effective Family Therapy with Children and Families. A Solution Focused Approach.”

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 28:31.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!