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Hope in Action

“Anyone who is supporting another person’s reasons for living is doing suicide prevention.” – Heather Fiske


Step 1: Take two minutes and write down at least 10 reasons for living on a sheet of paper. Not anyone’s reasons for living, but YOUR reasons for living: Things that attach YOU to life, things that for YOU mean life is great.
Step 2: Invite another person to write down 10 of HER/HIS reasons for living.
Step 3: Share your reasons for living with each other.


This powerful exercise was shared with us by Heather Fiske in our FREE Mini Online Program ‘Hope and Reasons for Living’ with Brigitte Lavoie and Heather Fiske. Please feel invited to join and share this FREE online program and be inspired by a conversation with Heather and Brigitte, a replay of a webinar and additionally find lots of valuable and precious resources around the topic of hope, reasons for living, and Solution Focused suicide prevention.

We had the honor to meet Heather in August this year and spend a great and unforgettable time (and even Elfie’s birthday) with Heather in her beautiful house close to Halifax, in the wonderful province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Heather is a role model in so many ways to us, that it is not possible to pack it into one little paragraph: She’s an outstanding Solution Focused practitioner, an amazing host, a super inspiring conversation partner, a brilliant story teller, an excellent writer, an elegant lady, … you get a sense 😉 … and she REALLY knows how to celebrate birthdays!

Here >> you can join the FREE online program ‘Hope and Reasons for Living’. And please feel encouraged to share this online program with others, so that they can also benefit from it!

Heather was also a guest on our podcast. Check out episode 27 of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast and also check out her brilliant book ‘Hope in Action: Solution-Focused Conversations About Suicide‘ if you have not yet done!


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!