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In the land of possibilities

“I would love to see the movie where you couldn’t say „but” and you couldn’t say „or”, you can only say „and“ for a week and then find out how that shifted your experience. It would be kind of fun.” – Bill O’Hanlon


Catch yourself every time you say something that contradicts what you just did and instead put the word „and“ in. So substitute “this but this” or “this or this“ with “this and this” and find out how this shifts your feelings using the word „and“.


Bill O’Hanlon introduced this challenge to us in episode 28 “In the Land of Possibilities” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. We met Bill in Santa Fe in March and are still inspired by his wonderful stories, his great music, and his energizing way of interacting with others.

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 30:44. Bill is also a singer-songwriter and in this episode played two of his songs live for us: The song ‘Contradictions’ that fits perfectly with the challenge of the week and ‘Somebody to Someone’.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!