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Loving the alien

“[…] when you asked me earlier to think of a challenge for the week, what came right into my head was the David Bowie song ‘Loving the Alien’. Believing the strangest things, loving the alien. So, love your alien, love your mistakes.” – Dvorah Simon


In the course of the next days, listen for a mistake that you make and love it. Just say: “Oh, what a lovely mistake.” And then just see what happens next.


Dvorah Simon shared this challenge with us in episode 29 “Words arise out of Silence” of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast. Dvorah is not only a great SF practitioner, she’s also a wonderful host and we were delighted to spent a great and very enlivening time with her and some of her team members in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in March and at the end of November, just a few days ago. Her book ‘Merci‘ is a very touching and stimulating companion along our SF on Tour journey.

You can listen to the full podcast here >>. For the challenge of the week please go to minute 32:47.


Listen to the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast here!