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Observe your Focuses

„If you look on what works, look on your preferred future, look on everything that goes into the right direction already then you will very fast come up with things that you could do that move you into the right direction even more.” – Dominik Godat


Today we invite you to carefully observe your focuses. When are you in a problem focus, when in a Solution Focus? What do you do differently when you are in a Solution Focus and how do you manage to switch from problem to Solution Focus?


Let’s inspire and support each each other in taking focuses that enhance a life in joy and ease: Please share what works for you, your insights and learnings with us in the comment field here. THANK YOU!

“Observe your Focuses” was shared by us (Elfie & Dominik) in episode 3 “Solution Focus makes a difference” of the SIMPLY FOCUS Podcast. It was beginning of March and we just spent some intensive days at the St. Vrain State Park in Colorado dealing with an oil leak in our RV and training our focus on a life in joy and ease 🙂 In this podcast episode we share what was especially useful to focus on a weekend in joy and ease despite the oil leak.

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