SFP 80 – Looking up: An Encouraging Space for Change with Ira Mollay

Ira Mollay about an encouraging space for change. In today’s episode, we talk with Ira Mollay, Chief Encouraging Officer and Founder of the Mutmacherei, about what fascinates her with Solution Focus, about the Mutmacherei and how it started with the good news initiative, and about focusing on progress towards a preferred future for the world. Ira shares some of the initiatives that go into that direction, her preferred future, and her contribution as chief encouraging officer directing the attention to what is already working. She talks about the „Mut in the City“-walks and how seeing positive initiatives encourages people to participate, her „soil“ metaphor, and how to contribute to a fertile common ground. Check out how Ira’s space fascination – iridium flares, iridium satellites, orbital mechanics, the overview effect and more – informs her practice, how you can apply space metaphors in coaching, and the differences her space knowledge makes for her and the Mutmacherei. Ira stresses that there is beauty to be found everywhere and that it needs practice to see it. Let’s try that out with the challenge of the week: „Go out into the world and notice what you notice. What captures your attention? And then consciously try to spot the positive things and find the beautiful things.”