SFP 8 – Episode 8: Let’s play…: Interview with Pamela K. King, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #8

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Intro: Bibiana Czerny | Music: 

SFP 8 - Episode 8: Let's play...: Interview with Pamela K. King

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast | 32:16

By using play it’s an instant engagement. Children are much more likely to have verbal conversation if they are playing.”

“I think as adults we are guides and we are co-explorers, but really the child is the expert on their lives. (…) if we can just get out of his way, he will show us.”

“I think it’s so important to use what’s right in front of you. That concept of utilisation is extremely important, I think in all of our conversations, in our lives to notice what’s there.”

Pamela K. King

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we talk with Pamela K. King, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, about

  • what fascinates Pamela about Solution Focus
  • how she as therapist finds the path with children towards their solutions
  • what helps her to find out what kids like to start a conversation and how she manages to engage young kids in a good conversation
  • how she and a 5-year old boy with his mother used HOPSCOTCH, the favorite game of the boy, to scale and playfully talk about his life
  • the importance of noticing and using what’s right in front of you
  • how we got out of the way of Bibianas learning on her first days on skies
  • how she applies Solution Focused play and toys in her trainings with organisations
  • Pams encounter with Steve de Shazer, a little story about listening and how this story inspired her to see things differently
  • how Pam got out of the way of her twin-daughters’ learning and how she supported them to become good negotiators
  • what differences Solution Focus makes in her work as an employer
  • how she amplifies greatness and uniqueness of others
  • the difference embracing play and noticing the joy that’s there can make in professional settings and in our everyday lives
  • The weekly challenge: Notice at least once a day the opportunities to play and step in: Do jump in with both feed and play at least once a day.


  • Check out Pamela Kings’ website and learn more about her brilliant and playful Solution Focused work as a trainer, speaker, business coach, and therapist.
  • We highly recommend Pamelas book for everyone working with kids as well as having kids! This book is not only a treasure box for therapists but also for everyone interested in joyful and playful interactions with kids! Pamela K. King “Tools for Effective Family Therapy with Children and Families. A Solution Focused Approach.”
  • The book which Pam referred to in our conversation: “Easy: Your LIFEPASS to Creativity and Confidence” by Paul Z. Jackson.
  • 2018 SFBTA Annual Conference, 7-11 November 2018 in Boulder, Colorado
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It was fun and truly inspiring to play with Pam in Logan, Utah!

Join the conversation

Let’s make a difference for others, share your insights, and ask great questions! And be in contact with Pamela. Ask her questions, tell her what you like about Solution Focused play, and let her know what inspires you. Friendpower is stronger than willpower. So, let’s inspire each other! Share your ideas and thoughts on what inspired you and what differences this makes for you in your everyday life. Share as much detail as possible. Your story might be the one making a vital difference for someone else. Your thoughts and ideas matter and might encourage others to keep on going their SF journey. Share this podcast episode with your friends, clients or colleagues who you think might be inspired by this conversation. It could give them some practical ideas on how to apply Solution Focus in their daily life.

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  1. Svea van der Hoorn

    Thank you – lovely to listen to. very pleased to hear the highlighting of the value, significance and importance of noticing. Also one of my favourites – Milton Erickson’s principle of utlisation.

    • Pam King

      Svea, I agree so much. When we utilize what the child or the executive brings, it becomes their solution.
      I hope to play again in South Africa someday. We met when I was there last time but just barely. I’d like to actually get to know you.

  2. Ella de Jong

    Wonderful to listen to Pam (again 🙂 )! Lovely to hear so many important valuable fun ideas she shared with you / with us! Great questions you asked her, Dominik and Elfie!
    … the best of you … creating a lovely story … Such a beautiful, non threatening way of starting a workshop!
    I hope to meet you all three once in The Netherlands!
    Smile, Ella


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