SFP 7 – Episode 7: Effective Leadership with Solution Focus: Interview with Monica Rotner, Division Manager of the Community Justice Service, Boulder

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #7

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny | Intro: Bibiana Czerny | Music: 

SFP 7 - Episode 7: Effective Leadership with Solution Focus: Interview with Monica Rotner

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast | 24:38

“There is something about Solution Focus language and tools that suddenly simplifies all that and really allows a large number of people to spend more time thinking about what they want more of and how they want their future to look.”

“I think the work that we all do, which is sometimes difficult work, especially in criminal justice where people have a lot of crisis in their lives, it’s really amazing to feel you’re effective.”

Monica Rotner

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Elfie talks with Monica Rotner, Division Manager of the Community Justice Service in Boulder, about

  • what fascinates Monica with Solution Focus
  • the differences Solution Focus makes in her daily life as a leader
  • examples of what she does as a leader these enhance co-creating an environment for change
  • how they co-created a different kind of work environment in her division 8 years ago
  • how she dealt with unrealistic inputs in the process of co-creating their vision
  • how she deals with things that cannot be done as they are non-negotionable
  • how they applied scales and scaling questions to co-create strategies to get from the current reality to the future vision
  • how they keep the vision a living thing that’s always changing too
  • the importance of walking the talk as a leader
  • what has been great about using Solution Focus in their work at the Community Justice Service
  • the difference staying curious makes
  • The weekly challenge: Take a few minutes every day and notice the people around you that are inspiring one tiny little way of doing something different. It might not even be somebody you know. It just could be somebody you see on the street who inspires you. Be observant and look around for people that are role models.


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  1. Anne-Marie Wulf

    Thank you, Elfie for this podcast – and Monica too. I really enjoy listening to all the concrete details Monicas unfold in her telling about how she has adapt SF to her worklife as a leader. I got the idea, that maybe – just maybe Monica added the MQ into the work context because of her former work context as therapist…. Any way, THANK YOU.


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