SFP 5 – Episode 5: The GREAT Relationship: Interview with Jonathan D. Sherman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #5

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Intro: Bibiana Czerny & Jonathan D. Sherman |Music: 

SFP 5 - Episode 5: The GREAT Relationship: Interview with Jonathan D. Sherman

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast | 42:17

“And so that’s what I love about it is that it’s a very hopeful approach that shows us possibilities, that shows us ways out of stuckness, helps people feel that there are so many possibilities and things that they can do.”

Jonathan D. Sherman

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we talk with Jonathan D. Sherman, a Solution Focused Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, about

  • what fascinates Jonathan about Solution Focus
  • what differences Solution Focus makes in his family life
  • how he refocuses and trains his focus
  • appreciation and more secrets to have a great relationship with his wife Cara and their kids
  • what the GREAT relationship looks like and how it works: commitment, appreciation, loving behavior
  • how desired emotions are generated with consistent behavior
  • the power and reciprocity of “turning towards” behavior and hyper appreciation
  • The weekly challenge is actually a 30 day experiment: Pick a loved one and refuse to say anything negative to them (no criticism, no complaint) and instead everyday find something to sincerely appreciate them for and verbalise it or write it to them.


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  1. Christine

    Dear Jonathan, Elfie and Dominik.
    Thanks a lot for the great podcast! You talk so wisely. I really enjoyed listening. I felt touched and inspired. Looking forward to the next weeks of pure appreciation.
    Lots of love from Vienna!

  2. Jonathan D. Sherman

    Hi listeners! Thank you for taking the time to listen to this eposde of Simply Focus! I’m so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of it. I’m very happy to answer questions or discuss ideas here 🙂


  3. Naomi

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  4. Astrid

    Hey Elfie, Dominik & Jonathan
    Thanks for the inspiring podcast, I was listening to it on my way home today and came home full of ideas. I love the way you describe how you can be solutionfocused with mostly and not only A- or B degrees and how working on your relationship is like building a house – wow, thanks for that inspiration and great metaphor – I will reuse it! And I realised once more, how close non-violent communication and solution focus can be, meaning giving space to my emotions and needs and as myself what I want instead!
    Elfie & Dominik, wir freuen uns so sehr über euren Podcast und wünschen Euch von Herzen weiterhin viele tolle Begegnungen – danke fürs Teilen!!
    Herzlich, Astrid & Family

    • SF on Tour mit Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

      Hallo liebe Astrid und lieber Andy, wow schön und cool, dass euch unser Podcast gefällt und ihr mit dabei seid! Thank you so much for your inspiring and uplifting words!

  5. Ella de Jong

    Thank you Elfie, Dominik and Jonathan!
    It was again wonderful to listen and learn!
    Jonathan what a great metaphor of the hard work that has to be done to create a safe house!
    The best line, because it resonates so deeply, for me is:
    “I have that inner smile …. there is a way out.”
    I remember from years ago a mother calling me stressed out about the behaviour of her youngest child (a toddler). While listening to her I was glad I could smile ‘in the open’, because she couldn’t see me. I felt this warm, caring, uplifting feeling: it’s going to be okay. And it was! With her also being able to smile!

    Take care all of you and your families!
    warm smile, Ella
    It wasn’t a


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