SFP 1 – Episode 1: The Simply Focus Podcast

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #1

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Intro: Bibiana Czerny |Music:

SFP 1 - Episode 1: The Simply Focus Podcast

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast | 18:54

„The longer I stick to it (the Solution Focused approach) the more it fascinates me. Because it opens so many possibilities.”

Elfie Czerny

„There are so many conversations everyone of us has. And there are so many possibilities to deliberately choose your focus. And your focus that you choose makes such a difference.”

Dominik Godat

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we talk about

  • What fascinates us with the Solution Focused approach
  • What the SIMPLY FOCUS Podcast is about
  • A little bit of theory: The power of reciprocity
  • The challenge of the week: A highlight round

Join the conversation

Let’s go to where the real magic happens: YOUR life!

Friendpower is stronger than willpower. So, let’s inspire each other! Share your ideas and thoughts on what inspired you and what differences this makes for you in your everyday life.

Share as much detail as possible. Your story might be the one making a vital difference for someone else. Your thoughts and ideas matter and might encourage others to keep on going their SF journey.

If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you think might be inspired by this conversation, share this podcast episode. It could give them some practical ideas on how to apply Solution Focus in their daily work and life.

Thank you!

Thank you for listening to our podcast. You are awesome! That you listen to our podcast makes a huge difference for us. Please let us know and get in touch with us: Comment below or send us a message and tell us what difference our podcast series makes for you.

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  1. Harry

    Thank you both for being such an inspiration – keep on podcasting! I love the dialogue between both of you … your appreciation for each other is my role model in partnership 🤗

  2. Pam King

    Thank you for this terrific first podcast. When my children were young and growing up we talked about highlights every night at bedtime. It was a good way to summarize the day, spend time together, and help with a good nights sleep. Now when I see them or talk to them on the phone in their adult lives I’m still curious about what is going well.
    At the beginning of every session with clients I ask what has gone well since we last met. It’s a simple way to focus our conversation on solutions. At the end of every conversation I ask what was useful from the conversation. In this way our time together is book ended with highlights.


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