SF Inspiration #2: The SF Advent Calendar

Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Welcome to our SF Advent Calendar!

(Hier geht’s zum deutschen Adventkalender…)

with Solution
Focused inspiratons
are waiting for you to enjoy!
Have fun in joy and ease with our
SF ad
vent cal

Share your ideas, insights, and learnings in the comments section below and win one of three postcard coachings.


  1. SF on Tour mit Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

    We are curious:

    • What have you liked the most so far and what differences has this made for you?
    • What could be the link between the quote in door number 4 and SF?
    • What has worked especially well doing your list of progress in door number 9?

    Win a postcard coaching from on the road: We will be raffling three postcard coachings amongst all people who comment here or in the German advent calendar. Good luck and have fun!

    • Rayya

      What a wonderful story. It reminds me of a quote I saw on the wall of a colleague many years ago: “If you are always looking up at the stars in the sky, you may miss the flowers at your feet.”

  2. Sandra Dietrich

    Quote of Number 4:

    What the bleep do we really know?
    “Everybody was convinced: it won’t work. Than someone came and just did it.”

    ….for example 43 push ups within just a few weeks training….after she could not even do one….How do our thoughts support us to do things, we could not even imagine before?…

    I see SF like a new program for our brain. We’ve got to be told from our parents what would work out well and what we should not do. And that if we do not put our warm clothes on for sure we would get a caught! And so on…This is the program how we leave our lives….

    ….Until to a certain point, where we “smell” that we are more as what we just thought. When I ‘ve got in touch with SF I realized (smelled) that there is something more to discover….like my own potential….and all the potential around me….and…..I still do not know where I will be ending with it!….

    And I really like to read and hear from all over the world what kind of unexpected solutions you got by using SF!

    • SF on Tour mit Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

      Thank you, dear Sandra, for being on the SF journey with us! Yes, “I still do not know where I will be ending with it!….”. Isn’t that great. There is still so much to discover. Let’s invite others to join this journey and find out where it might take us.

  3. Sarah

    Just wanted to say thank you for this. I have been enjoying exploring it. I hope you had fun putting it together for us.

    My favourite so far – the monkey/ fish quote. A great reminder to remain alert to listening to what other people actually want/ need, rather than assuming that you know…

    Happy travels and looking forward to seeing what comes behind the next few doors.

    • SF on Tour mit Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

      Thank you, dear Sarah! It’s so great to hear that you are joining our advent adventures. Yes, we very much enjoyed doing it and were also curious to find out what comes next 🙂 We wish you great fun exploring the next doors. And yes, the fish and monkey quote is one of our favorites too. And yes, how often do we discover ourselves being the monkey 😉 And how nice to notice!

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