Good bye USA! Hello Canada!

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Our Story, SF Conversations | 2 comments

Solution Focus is a gift to us in many ways. Creating Solution Focused experiences for people is our passion. Consequently making Solution Focus principles a life-style is what we aim for. The last 6 months we had lots of opportunities to proof that. There were these wonderful times when we talked about our preferred future, explored what already works towards this future and discovered what shows us that we’re on our way to co-create a great time together. It was the days when we felt energized, nourished and alive.

However, there were also moments were we felt exhausted, tired, and annoyed. Moments were it felt harder as usual to put a smile on the face and interact joyfully with each other. Moments which actually invited us to show up and proof that we are serious in living a Solution Focused life-style. Moments were we felt lucky to remind ourselves that it’s not about being solution focused all the time. Rather it’s about training our focus, inviting each other to look on co-creating joyful interactions, amplifying useful change and discussing what we want rather than talking about what we don’t want.

During all these brilliant times and challenging moments we strongly felt connected to the power of being surrounded by like-minded people. Willpower is a great thing to have. However, accessing friendpower is magical. Our journey through the United States allowed us to meet and spend time with amazing Solution Focused practitioners and we feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so much friendpower, passion and people doing amazing Solution Focused work in so many different fields of live.

We are grateful for all the heart-touching encounters, inspirational moments and great conversations we have had with all the people we met so far. Today we’d like to pause in order to honor the amazing networks of Solution Foucsed practitioners all around the world. These networks allow to connect with people we know from books, stories and maybe some short interactions at conferences, to get in touch, come together and joyfully ride the wave of friendpower. We are grateful for all the people who contribute to keep these networks alive and we’re grateful for all the possibilities these networks bring to each and everyone of us.

Last but not least we want to thank all the great people who invited us into their lives and spend time with us. Thank you for so many precious moments, inspirational conversations and your brilliant work!

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