From possibilities to our preferred future

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Dear Reader,

I very well remember the first time I talked about the possibility of doing a road trip with a camper van. It was a warm night in spring. A dear friend of mine visited me in my flat in Vienna and we had a lot of fun making music, dancing and talking about how our lives could be. My friend is half Greek and she loves to travel. It’s always a blast to have her around and you can be sure to experience some wonderful crazy things when you spend time with her. So, this night it was talking about one possible joyful future in a camper van. We discussed the routes we could take (the basic idea was to go from Vienna to China), the countries we could visit, where we already know people to connect with. We calculated how much it would cost us to buy a camper van and how much money we would need for gas and basic living. We even came up with super creative ideas of how to finance the trip. Thinking about this conversation I still can connect to how energizing, freeing and joyful it felt to talk about all the possibilities such a trip might bring. And the next morning… we moved on with our daily business and lives.

Some years later I met Dominik. And there was this idea again. This time we talked and wrote about a possible future travel with a motor home and how this future could look like. Actually the idea accompanied us for several days allowing us to get quite into detail. We even had the name of our campervan, Hearty. Again it was super energizing, freeing and joyful to talk about this journey. And again life took us a different path.

And then there was this afternoon. It was a cold winter day. Dominik and our daughter, Bibi, went to visit the grandparents and I had a day just for me. I so much loved it and truly celebrated my time. I enjoyed a beautiful winter walk and some hours of silence. It was already late afternoon when I decided to watch a part of Hay House’s Memorial Service for Wayne Dyer. The stories about Wayne, his messages, the way he connected to people, and how people talked about him really stroke a chord with me. I turned off the computer, brought myself into a comfortable position, closed my eyes and started what I call a meditation. I felt my breath, the energy in my body, my heart beat, the tingling sensations around my heart and focused on the point between my eyes. I enjoyed the vibrations in my body and that any thoughts went away. And then, all of a sudden I had this picture. I saw us doing a journey in a painted motorhome. I understood this as a very clear call to start our journey with Dominik, Bibi and our Hearty. I was even more energized than before and couldn’t wait to share with Dominik what I just discovered.

When Bibi and Dominik arrived back home, it wasn’t long after I finished my meditation and I was dancing around in the living room, I enthusiastically asked: „You know what? I think we should start the journey.“ I hadn’t even finished the sentence when Dominiks face brightened up and he said: „YES!“.

Well, this was quite astounding for me and I asked him if he really understands what I’m talking about. Again he replied „YES, I know what you’re talking about and YES, I’m in.“ Well, this blew my mind. We hugged each other to assure that we really understand each other and that this is going to get serious from here.

All three of us didn’t know what this YES truly meant. And you know what? This wasn’t important at all. We knew that this was going to be a great adventure and that we are eager to go for it. Without a plan, just following the signs of our preferred future. Step by step.

And here we are: living in our Hearty, traveling North America, learning tons of new things every day, training our (solution) focus and sharing what we do.

We are so grateful that you join our journey and allow us to touch your live with our stories. And we hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that our perspectives, stories and ideas will offer you valuable inspiration for your life.

Sending great vibes of love to you!

From the heart,

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