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Who's Solution Focus on tour?

Solution Focus (SF) on tour is our family - Elfie, Dominik, and our daughter Bibiana - traveling the world with our Solution Focused motorhome spreading our enthusiasm for the Solution Focused approach. We aim to explore SF in our every day life even more and to inspire people worldwide with this simple yet highly effective focus. With our painted motorhome we want to arouse people's curiosity to get in touch with us and find out more about the SF approach by exploring Solution Focused elements with us. Life can be simple and joyful. And SF can be the key. Our best hope is that the people we meet are fascinated by the explored benefits of this focus and that they start to talk together more about their preferred future, find out what works toward that, and explore signs of progress in their daily lives.




The man with the clear view on complex matters looking out for the simple paths. Favorite SF quote: "Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions." (Steve de Shazer)



Chief Unicorn

Our lively energy bundle who can change the world and make it a better place with one little smile.

Favorite SF quote:  "If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, do something different." (Steve de Shazer)



Preferred Futurist

The crazy woman focussing the preferred future with her load of ideas she joyfully brings to life.

Favorite SF quote: "Always address a person in her resources first." (Insoo Kim Berg)



Home sweet home

Our Solution Focused camper van who got its name from our passion: to live in joy and ease and share our insights from the heart.

Favorite SF quote:  "Create a home where solutions can arise." (Chris Iveson)

A year on the road: Some Fun Facts

Dear Reader, One year and 38'182 km (23'725 miles) ago we moved into our motorhome "Hearty". It was a great year with all kind of different experiences - from a like adventurous to z like zesty. Time to celebrate! We put together some (fun) facts about our...

Crossing Borders: Our story featured on Utah Public Radio

EXCITING TIMES in Logan, UT It's April and early in the morning - at least for Elfie 🙂 We are on our way to Utah Public Radio. Together with our dear friend Pamela King we are invited to give an interview and share our story with their audience. Now can...

Good bye USA! Hello Canada!

Solution Focus is a gift to us in many ways. Creating Solution Focused experiences for people is our passion. Consequently making Solution Focus principles a life-style is what we aim for. The last 6 months we had lots of opportunities to proof that. There were these...

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